Your Body Bible: Pro Edition


'Your Body Bible: Pro Edition' includes 163 A4 pages (52,212 words) of scientific, evidence based content containing:

Strength Education

  • Why Should I Follow a Structured Program?
  • Hypertrophy
  • How do Muscles Grow?
  • Training Load and Intensity of Effort
  • How do I Work out How Much Weight to Lift?
  • Training Frequency
  • Rest Periods
  • Tempo
  • Warm Up and Cool Down Options
  • Strength Exercise Variations
  • The 7 Signs You Have Hit a Plateau
  • How to Combat a Plateau and 11 Advanced Weight Lifting Techniques
  • Periodisation
  • Women’s Menstrual Cycle, Amenorrhea, PCOS and Menopause
  • Body Recomposition and The ‘Toning Up’ Myth
  • Cardio: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) vs Moderate-Intensity Cardio
  • Common Fitness Industry Myths Debunked

Nutrition Education

  • How to Determine Your Maintenance Calories
  • How to Use Your Maintenance Calories to Set up a Calorie Deficit or a Calorie Surplus
  • How to Make Adjustments to Your Diet
  • How to Take and Use Measurements
  • Should I Count Calories or Track Macronutrients?
  • What to Do If You Have a Blow Out
  • Metabolic Adaptation and Reverse Dieting
  • Hunger and Satiety Hormones
  • Hormones and Dieting
  • Supplement Education and Recommendations
  • Common Nutrition Myths Debunked

and much more.

'Your Body Bible: Pro Edition' will help you form sustainable exercise and nutrition habits to reach your body composition goal.

'Your Body Bible: Pro Edition' will be regularly updated with more content and new research. You will receive an email to download these future updates at no extra cost.

This book is in PDF format and will be delivered electronically.


"Are you wondering why after trying several diets (eating healthy, eating less, paleo, etc.) and different types of training (crossfit, F45, functional, pilates, gym, cardio, etc.) you have achieved none, minimal or non-sustainable results? I was trapped there for a few years but thanks to Andrew and 'Your Body Bible: Pro Edition', I know how to control my weight with my diet and how to use the gym to make this weight look great. I am in the best shape of my life and I understand the tools and processes to achieve that and make it efficient, sustainable and adaptable to my personal life. This book is both a guide for beginners and a reference for the advanced, where you can find the useful answers at any step of your nutritional and training journey. And guess what? Andrew keeps updating it constantly … and for free! I think I’ve received at least 6 updates in the last 2 years or so. I highly recommend this eBook if you want to have a sustainable, positive impact on your nutrition and training."
- Joan Iglesias Romaguera

"The internet blesses us with endless knowledge at our fingertips. Unfortunately one thing it fails to do is separate the useful information from the useless. ‘Your Body Bible’ solves this issue. Andrew has curated the most relevant education and presented it in an easily digestible way. You’ll never end up with 7 tabs open and following unqualified advice again."
- Nic Hurrell

"Your Body Bible is a must have resource for all athletes, weekend warriors and clinicians in the health and fitness space. It is modern and progressive, finding a neat way to explore and summarise complex topics into simple, digestible chapters. As a past physiotherapy student and current graduate physio, this tool has helped me massively in understanding topics that are under-taught at university and over complicated in the literature."
- Sam Slykhuis